EMMA Spring 2020 Work Duty Reservation Instructions

A.  Review these instructions thoroughly.

B.  Print a copy of the instructions to use while online.

C.  Reserve two time slots.

D.  The online reservation system for fall reservations can be accessed Wednesday, January 1, at 9:00 am, through Wednesday, January 8, at 9:00 pm.

E.  Mark your calendar with your reservations.  Reminders will be sent via email from the SuperSaaS site one week prior to your work duty. 

F.  Mark your calendar with your reservations.  (The repeat is not a mistake.)  If you are a "no show" for your scheduled work duty, you will be charged a $10 fine in addition to either paying $25 for the scheduled slot or scheduling an alternate slot, if any open slots are still available.

G.  You will receive a master list of the Work Duty Schedule via email after the semester has begun.  Please print a copy for your records.  Also, you may wish to add the SuperSaaS web site to your "Favorites" to use as a quick reference.  You can visit the site throughout the semester to view the schedule (after August 18, the site will be available for viewing only).

H.  If you need to change your work slot or switch with someone once you've created a reservation, notify Kim Shelley (kimshelley7@gmail.com) of the changes.  It is your responsibility to find a replacement or pay the fee if no replacement is found.  You may use the directory information or send a "camera ready" email to me for forwarding, requesting a switch (include all contact information and slot information).

I.  Only registered families may make reservations.


To make your reservations:

1.  Click on the link to access the EMMA Work Duty Schedule on the SuperSaaS reservation system.


2.  Type in your email address and password:  emma 
Use lower case.
Use the address that received this email.
Only registered families have access to the site.

3.  Click Log In.

4.  Using the monthly calendar at the upper right, select the appropriate months to view days with work slots (ignore the color of the highlighted days).

5.  Select the day of the month to view the available slots for that day.  Remember, duties repeat most every Tuesday and Friday during the semester.  If a box is shaded, that slot (on that day and time) is full.

6.  Each work slot box shows 1.)  the time of the duty, 2.) the title of the duty, and 3.) the number of volunteers needed and how many have been filled.  For example, (0/1) means no one has yet reserved the one slot needed, and (3/4) means three reservations have been made for the four slots needed.

7.  To reserve a work slot, 1.) click on a blue box, 2.) click on "New Reservation", and 3.) click "Create Reservation".  DO NOT CLICK "Create Reservation" until you are absolutely sure that you want that day and time.  Once you click "Create Reservation", you may not make online changes.

8.  The system will not allow you to create more than two reservations. 

9.  Clicking on a work slot box allows you to see the names of other parents who have reserved that slot. 

Contact Kim Shelley (kimshelley7@gmail.com) or me if you have questions about this email,


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