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“He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.”   Proverbs 14:26


  Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Handbook



Welcome!  Since formation of the EMMA Resource Classes program in 1996, the classes have functioned as a support system designed to be a helpful aid to homeschooling families.   We are not a school, church, or Bible school, but exist to help families educate their students by offering excellent and affordable classes that will enhance the homeschool programs of participating families in an environment that honors the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.  While the classes are designed to provide a framework for a course of study, the parents are clearly recognized as being fully and solely responsible for their child's academic and spiritual education.  It remains the sole responsibility of the students’ parents to meet and comply with any and all requirements of North Carolina’s Department of Non-Public Education.  


It is important that all students and parents be aware of the information set forth in this handbook. Some of this information is general in nature, and some of it sets forth rules, regulations, and policies for our program.  Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our students.  We believe these policies help to ensure we achieve that goal.

One of the most important principles to be followed by everyone associated with EMMA, both students and parents, is found in Matthew 18:15-18. These verses require that, if any one of us has a problem, question, or criticism regarding a class, mentor, parent, or student, we should attempt to respectfully resolve the issue with that person before discussing it with anyone else. If that does not resolve the issue, it would then be appropriate to take the issue to the Administrator of the classes.  ***No disrespect from parents or students will be tolerated.***  We agree that our staff will treat our EMMA parents and students with respect and dignity.


Facility Usage Statement


As an umbrella organization using the facilities of Shannon Hills Bible Chapel, we recognize that the elders and trustees of SHBC retain authority for the guidelines for usage of these facilities.  SHBC exists for the glory of God and recognizes that the facilities were provided through God’s benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of the believers who meet here.  The fellowship desires that its facilities be used for the benefit of the Body of Christ and to bring God glory.  It is within SHBC’s legal rights to ensure that facility use will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings as summarized in its Statement of Faith, Constitution, by-laws, and/or other church documents nor may the facilities be used for activities that contradict, or are deemed inconsistent with, the fellowship’s faith beliefs or moral teachings. SHBC may not in good conscience materially cooperate in activities or beliefs that are contrary to its faith.  Allowing its facilities to be used for purposes that contradict the fellowship’s beliefs would be material cooperation with that activity and would be a violation of the fellowship’s faith and religious practice (2 Corinthians 6:14; I Thessalonians 5:22).  It is also very important that SHBC presents a consistent message to the community and that it conscientiously maintains that message as part of its witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, EMMA Resource Classes will continue to operate with the desire to offer homeschooling support classes in an environment that is in sync with the SHBC facility usage ideals.  The church recognizes the Biblical authority of gender identities to be limited to biological males and females and that God’s design for SEXUAL INTIMACY IS LIMITED TO MARRIAGE BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. (This is not referring to divorce/remarriage.) All other options for gender identity and/or sexual intimacy (heterosexual, homosexual, or other) would be considered outside of the will of God and therefore would not be considered appropriate for our EMMA program, staff and students alike.  SHBC’s desire is to allow God’s Word to be the authority for all of its ministries and facilities usage opportunities, and our desire is to operate in a manner that is consistent with its policies.  Therefore, we will not knowingly offer participation in our program to staff or students who would not be in compliance with these guidelines.   It is the desire of SHBC that no misunderstanding occurs concerning the necessity of these statements.  These statements are not made with any motivation to offend or to promote what is often deemed “hate” or intolerance, but are made in a spirit of love for all individuals and a greater love for God Who loves us so much that He gave His only Son to bear all of our sins that we might receive forgiveness by grace through faith. 





Please read this section with careful attention to details.  We are absolutely serious about providing an atmosphere where optimum learning can take place in a secure, peaceful environment.  Please do not enroll your student if there is any doubt that he can abide by these policies or that you can support us if disciplinary measures are required.

It is impossible for us to consider, list, or address every negative behavior that we may possibly encounter.  All students must conduct themselves in a manner that is pleasing and acceptable to God, and in a way that brings honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ.


  • Acceptable behavior requires students to be respectful, polite, considerate, trustworthy, obedient, and self-controlled at all times.  Disrespect toward others will not be tolerated.

  • Students are not allowed to disrupt class or interfere with the mentoring process.

  • Most unacceptable behaviors will result in one warning and a discussion between our administrator, student, and student’s parent.  A repeat offense will most likely result in expulsion from the classes.


If the behavior problem is serious, no warning will be given, and immediate suspension or expulsion will be administered.  

  • Immediate suspension will result from lying, cheating, plagiarism (which includes copying and pasting from the Internet), copying homework, class work, quiz, or test answers, defiance, stealing, profanity, forgery, and willfully damaging property of Shannon Hills Bible Chapel.

  • Immediate expulsion will result from possession of weapons (including pocket knives), tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal or unauthorized drugs. Any student who threatens anyone associated with our program will be expelled.  (Authorities will be notified.)  Absolutely no fighting or bullying will be tolerated.  Conduct unbecoming an EMMA student which may jeopardize the integrity of the EMMA program may be cause for expulsion.  Please refer to the Facility Usage Statement for further behavior expectations.

  • While we are not responsible for correcting inappropriate student behavior outside of EMMA classes, we strongly suggest that students avoid behavior and/or social media posts that may have a negative impact on other EMMA students or our program.  We are responsible for doing what is necessary to protect the integrity of our program and seek to only admit and retain students who consistently demonstrate good character and wise decision-making.

  • No matches or lighters are allowed.

  • There will be no inappropriate public displays of affection such as kissing, hand-holding, and other body-to-body contact.

  • Conversations must not contain language or topics that are inappropriate in a Christian environment.

  • All students must be in a supervised classroom, lunchroom, or study hall while at EMMA.

  • Driving recklessly or speeding on Shannon Hills Bible Chapel property will result in notification of the parents and revocation of the student’s driving privileges for the remainder of the semester.  This is the only warning students will receive.  Parents, please drive slowly and safely as well.

  • No electronic devices are allowed during the school day (8:30 am to 2:30 pm) on the campus including cell phones, electronic games, IPods, tablets, etc.  Only required calculators for math or science classes will be allowed.  A $5 fine will be charged, and the device will be confiscated and kept until a parent retrieves it.  A higher fine may be charged for subsequent violations.  This rule applies to all areas of EMMA including lunch and study halls.




Student dress can influence both the learning environment and student behavior. We expect our students and parents to maintain a certain acceptable presence while at EMMA. Students and parents must present themselves in a way that is modest, non-distracting, and appropriate for a church campus. If a student’s appearance is questionable, distracting, or inappropriate, the student will either be given clothing to wear over his clothes for the day, or he will be sent home to change.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  Appropriate dress guidelines include, but are not limited to:




T-shirt style necklines are strongly recommended.  We will allow other necklines, as long as they are not low-cut (i.e. not showing ANY    cleavage, even while bending over).  Students not following this modesty rule will be required to wear a t-shirt neckline for the remainder of the semester.

No shirts with spaghetti straps, see-through fabrics, off-the-shoulder necklines, or “wife-beater” type t-shirts. 

No shirts that expose bra straps.

No bare midriffs, crop tops, etc.

No short shorts/skirts (shorts: fingertip length or longer while hands are resting at sides; skirts: length needs to be much longer--when bending over, skirts need to provide AMPLE coverage)

No leggings, tight pants, or yoga pants are allowed unless worn under a dress or extremely long tunic shirt that completely covers bottom area even when bending over.

No baseball caps


No tank tops or “wife-beater” type t-shirts.

No hats or caps are allowed in any of our buildings throughout the EMMA day which includes lunch and study halls.


Boys and Girls:

No showing of undergarments.

No inappropriate slogans, symbols, or pictures on clothing or accessories. 

No questionable hair styles or distracting hair colors.

No gauges.

No visible piercings other than ears or small nose rings.

No hoods worn over the head (hooded garments are allowed, but not with the hoods up).


IT IS THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to make sure children are dressed appropriately before coming to class. 



  • Telephone numbers--EMMA numbers are provided on a separate sheet.

  • Parents are responsible for obtaining required textbooks and materials prior to the first class.

  • “Lost and Found” items will be located in the entrance hallway. Items unclaimed at the end of the semester will be thrown away or donated to charity.

  • Students in grades K-5 will be escorted to and from classes for the first three weeks of each semester.

  • No visitors are allowed on the EMMA campus unless permission is granted in advance by EMMA leadership.

  • At 2:40 on both Tuesdays and Fridays, all students who have not been picked up will be taken to the study hall area.  Parents must come inside to get these students and may be charged a $5 fine for repeated offenses.  If you know that you will be late picking up your student, call or text Kim or Hayley. In case of an emergency or inadvertent delay, no fee will be charged if you have notified the EMMA leadership by phone.  


Attendance Policy

  • All students are expected to attend class unless prior notification of an absence is given (see Contact Information document for details on reporting absences).

  • While there is no specified number of missed classes allowed, if a student’s absences become excessive and disruptive to the mentoring process, the student may be asked to discontinue participation in our program.


Study Hall

  • Study halls are relatively quiet.  Students may socialize or engage in school work, reading, art work, board games, etc.  Please do not allow your students to bring toys from home.

  • No food or drink will be allowed in study hall.

  • Attendance will be taken in study hall. 

  • The study hall fee is $25 per schedule hour for the semester or $5 per day for occasional use, if needed.



Shannon Hills Campus

We are greatly blessed that Shannon Hills Bible Chapel allows us to use its campus every Tuesday and Friday while classes are meeting.  Please honor and respect the Shannon Hills facilities.


  • Students are required to show care and respect to the property of Shannon Hills Bible Chapel.  Any property damage caused by an EMMA student or family member will result in that family paying for the repair or replacement of the damaged property.  Any student who willfully causes property damage (and this includes marking on tables) may be suspended from classes for a period of time determined by the EMMA leadership.  This is the only warning that students will receive.

  • Friday parking—park in the lower lot adjacent to Rehobeth Church Road.  The only entrance in the main building for students entering or exiting EMMA classes will be the downstairs covered door.  DO NOT DRIVE AROUND OR THROUGH THE BUCKETS that cordon off the upper parking lot!!!  There is a $10 fine for doing so.


  • Tuesday parking—park in the upper lot.  The only entrance for students entering or exiting EMMA classes will be the upstairs covered door.


  • The doors to the church building are locked.

  • If there is not a door monitor on duty to let you in, a telephone number will be displayed on the door.  Call the cell phone number for instructions


Classroom Expectations

  • Disrespect toward administrators, mentors, or peers will not be tolerated.  Students must demonstrate Christ-like respect and consideration for others.

  • Students are expected to:

  1. arrive on time for class.   This is extremely important for limiting distractions and for maximizing class time.  Tardy students interrupt and disrupt the classroom environment.  If a student is repeatedly late to class (more than three times), the family may be charged a $5 fine for each subsequent late arrival.

  2. be prepared for class by bringing all needed supplies each week and completing all assignments

on time.  If a student neglects to fully complete his assignments on time, he will be suspended from that class after the third incomplete or late assignment until he completes all assignments to the mentor’s satisfaction. 

  • Parents of young children should check the students’ backpacks frequently for replenishment of required supplies, homework assignments, mentor notes, etc.

  • Progress reports will be sent home with 6th-12th grade students only (as noted on the semester calendar).  No progress reports will be given for students in grades K-5.

  • If a student becomes delinquent in 3 assignments in a class (without prior notification from parent stating that delinquency is due to sickness, emergency situations, travel or other appropriate reasons), the student will be suspended from the class until all 3 assignments are completed.  *New addendum to assignment delinquency policy:  if a student becomes delinquent in 3 assignments in a class for a second time without prior notification from the parent for appropriate reasons, the student will be expelled from the class for the rest of the semester.


IT IS THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to keep up with the student’s progress.  Parents are responsible for contacting mentors to receive missed assignments due to absence, and to notify mentors of planned absences.



  • All students must clear the main building for the entire lunch period.

  • Label all lunch boxes and bags with students’ names.

  • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

  • Parent volunteers will monitor the lunch areas.

  • Students will be supervised to and from the lunch area.  Students in grades K-5 will be escorted to and from the lunch area for the first three weeks of each semester.

  • EMMA does not monitor students leaving for lunch.  Parents must make it clear to their own children as to whether they have permission to leave for lunch.

  • Please do not allow your students to bring toys to lunch.

  • Students will be released from the lunch area at 12:25 to make their way to the next class or to the downstairs entrance for pickup if they are leaving the EMMA campus.


Work Duties

Due to the number of classes offered and the number of families and students involved, parental assistance is required for the classes to function safely and smoothly. These duties include monitoring lunch, supervising study hall and the campus, and facility clean-up.


  • Parents are required to sign up for two work duties per semester (approximately four hours total) or pay a $50 fee in lieu of working these duties.  Online reservations are made via the SuperSaaS website.

  • A student may not complete the work duty for the parent.

  • Parents should arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time to ensure a smooth transition. 

  • Detailed instructions for each work duty are available in the back of the Work Duty Binder and on the EMMA website.  Read and follow the specific instructions to complete the work as required.



If you cannot complete your work duty, you must make arrangements to have it completed.

  • A work duty schedule will be emailed to each family and available for viewing on the SuperSaaS account throughout the semester.

  • A SuperSaaS email reminder will be sent one week prior to your scheduled work duty.

  • You may switch duties or pay another parent to complete your work duty.  Notify the Work Duty Coordinator of any changes.

  • Parents who are “no shows” will be charged a $10 fine and must make arrangements with the Work Duty Coordinator to either pay for the missed duty or schedule an additional duty.


Payment Policy/Refunds

  • No student will be allowed to attend class whose fees have not been paid in full.

  • There is never a refund of the registration fee.

  • Study hall, work duty, and class fee refunds are available only if notification is provided prior to the drop deadline as noted in the registration instructions.

  • Final processing of class fees will be completed after the student attends the first class (the drop deadline will be given on the registration instructions page each semester).  If changes in the schedule are desired, and the Registrar is notified by the drop deadline (no exceptions), class fees will either be returned or applied to another class.  We will not issue a credit for the next semester.

  • If, at any time, students are in violation of the signed agreements, their privilege of participation in the EMMA program will be reevaluated and may be revoked. Fees will not be returned to parents of students who have violated the signed agreements, and therefore have been asked to leave EMMA.


Inclement Weather Cancellations

  • We do not operate on any public school or county schedule.

  • Classes will usually be cancelled, not delayed, except in rare circumstances.

  • Please check for cancellations in the following order:

  • EMMA website

  • email from

  • WFMY – Channel 2 – watch for announcement regarding “EMMA” Resource Classes.


Thank you for your interest in our program.  Our staff looks forward to serving your family, in the will of the Lord.  God bless you.