Email Forwarding Protocol:


Hi EMMA families,

Many of you wish to have emails forwarded to the group.  Since the volume of requests is quite large, there are certain rules I ask you to follow:

1.  You must specifically request that the email be forwarded.  I do not forward emails if I am not requested to do so.

2.  I will forward the information concerning events with a disclaimer on EMMA's behalf.

3.  I will add one of the following abbreviations to the subject line:

FS (for sale)

ISO (in search of)

OT (off topic)

WTB (want to buy or borrow)


If no abbreviation precedes the subject, you'll know the email is originating from EMMA.

4.  Your contact information and/or the contact information of the party involved must be in the body of the email. 

5.  It is the discretion of the EMMA leadership to determine if an email is appropriate for forwarding.


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