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Study Hall



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Class Description

  • Study halls are relatively quiet.  Students may socialize or engage in school work, reading, art work, board games, etc. 

  • Please do not allow your students to bring toys from home.

  • No food or drink will be allowed in study hall.

  • Attendance will be taken in study hall. 

  • The study hall fee is $25 per schedule hour for the semester or $5 per day for occasional use, if needed.

  • Absences from study hall must be reported as all other absences (see contact information sheet).

  • Students wishing to use a quieter location to study, such as the library, may ask permission from the study hall monitor. 

  • As stated in the handbook, the use of electronic devices (except calculators) is prohibited on the EMMA campus.

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