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HS Spanish 2



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

HS Spanish 1 or Equivalent

Text / Materials Required

Spanish 2 Student Edition (3rd ed.)
Publisher: BJU Press
ISBN-10: 1628566183
Spanish 2 Activities (3rd ed.)
Publisher: BJU Press
ISBN-10: 1628566205

Class Description

Spanish 2 builds upon the foundational skills developed in Spanish 1, aiming to further enhance students’ proficiency in the Spanish language and deepen their understanding of Hispanic cultures. This course employs a communicative approach, encouraging active participation and engagement in a variety of language activities.

Course Objectives:

  1. Expand vocabulary and grammatical knowledge to facilitate more complex      communication in Spanish.

  2. Develop greater fluency and accuracy in speaking and listening comprehension      through interactive exercises and discussions.

  3. Strengthen reading comprehension skills by engaging with authentic texts of      increasing complexity.

  4. Refine writing skills through composition assignments, creative projects, and      analytical writing tasks.

  5. Deepen cultural awareness by exploring a wider range of topics and themes related to Spanish-speaking communities worldwide.

Topics Covered:

  • Review of basic grammar concepts

  • Expressing opinions, preferences, and intentions

  • Discussing past experiences and future plans

  • Describing events, activities, and emotions

  • Health and wellness

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Careers and professions

  • Art, music, and literature

  • Social issues and global perspectives

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