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HS Shark Tank (Tu)



Total Fee


(80 + 20 materials)

Class Prerequisites


Text / Materials Required

Texts and materials will be supplied by the mentor, but students need access to a computer and internet at home, with permission to use free programs such as Canva and Google Drive to complete assignments and projects.

Class Description

High School Shark Tank will set students up to be entrepreneurs and plan their own business. They will learn and practice the steps they need to start their own small business, such as market research, financial planning, advertising and marketing, customer service, team building and writing a business plan. The first semester will culminate with students completing a full business plan for a basic service-based business that a teen could potentially run on their own, and the second semester students will build out a plan for a more complicated goods or product-based business. Each semester, final business plans will be presented to a committee of “Sharks”, who are local entrepreneurs themselves. Students will develop a business plan, logo, marketing plan and financial report, and the Sharks will give them feedback on their plans. Students will not be required to actually launch their businesses unless they choose to, but they will have a solid plan in place by the end of each semester. No money will be granted for any projects, they will be presented for feedback only.

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