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HS Public Speaking



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

None (the Fall is not required for Spring Semester)

Text / Materials Required

Pen, notebook, and folder, as well as access to the internet for homework assignments. You should use note cards for later speeches

Class Description

Fall Semester:

Public speaking is America’s #1 fear and also the #1 quality that employers want their potential hires to have. This course will not cure the fear of public speaking but instead give students a safe space to practice and gain skills that will allow them to manage and thrive in public speaking situations. The students prepare, practice, and present a speech most weeks.

Spring Semester:

The students will begin with a section preparing and presenting major speech types: Introduction/Eulogy/Toast or Demonstrative/Informative or Persuasive Speech. The final speech will involve visual aids (slides are an option). Then, they willlearn and practice interviewing. Following that, the students will learn and practice small group and round table discussions. For the final section, the students will debate on a topic that the class chooses.

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