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HS Nat'l History Day Prep



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Students must bring pen, notebook, and folder for print out of visuals for the display board to every class, as well as have access to the internet and printer for the presentation pages, title page, process paper, and annotated bibliography). Students will also need a trifold display board (TBD parent purchase or mentor provide & parent reimburse).

Class Description


Let’s go to National History Day (NHD)! NHD is a wonderful way to immerse a student in history and allow him or her to explore a person, place, or event that fascinates him/her. I would like to help a group of history lovers at the middle or high school level to prepare for the NHD Exhibit category (a display board and related paperwork) to submit at the District Level (Central Piedmont). This year’s theme is Turning Points in History; there is a topic for everyone!

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