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HS How to Study the Bible (sem)



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Bible and Bible Explorer’s Guide Paperback – 2001 by John Phillips, Bible Concordance TBD (optional)

Class Description

This course will present basic methods and rules for studying scripture. The course will use the foundations taught in 2 Timothy 2:15 and Acts 17:11 Each homework reading assignment is read prior to the dated class. Students will learn principles of interpretation, exegesis and application of selected texts. Devotional and technical approaches to study will be used. Students will be given a selection of Bible passages to study, using biblical methods of determining their meaning. They will be given opportunity to present their results in class. Open class discussion will be encouraged.

            Final Test will be in short question and answer form. Final Test will also be a passage of scripture to study and comment on (short written essay) using learned principles for study.

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