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HS Geometry


Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

Successful completion of Algebra 1

Text / Materials Required

Saxon Geometry (2009 Publication) hardback student text only (ISBN 978-1602773059

Class Description

This course covers all topics in a high school geometry course, including perspective, space, and dimension associated with practical and axiomatic geometry. Some concepts covered will be triangle congruence, postulates and theorems, surface area and volume, two-column proofs, vector addition, slopes & equations of lines, ratios, proportions, similarity, tangents, and circle & arc calculations. Students learn how to apply and calculate measurements of lengths, heights, circumferences, areas, and volumes, and will be introduced to trigonometry and transformations. Students will use logic to create proofs and constructions and work with key geometry theorems and proofs.

Each student will need a copy of the Saxon Geometry (2009 Publication) hardback student text only (ISBN 978-1602773059). I will provide the tests each week to give the students. The Solutions Manual will make it easier for parents to check the accuracy of homework but be aware that this contains all of the answers so don't let your students keep this book. Each student will need a scientific calculator (it can be a graphing calculator but that is not required). We will learn new concepts each week as well as have class participation. The goal is for students to not only learn math concepts but also master them. They will learn how to use the math they learned to solve real-life problems. Homework will be assigned.

New students ARE accepted spring semester.

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