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HS Adulting 101



Total Fee


(75 + 10 materials)

Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Life Skills for Teens by Karen Harris ISBN: 978-951806-40-8

Class Description

So, your high schooler knows the difference between mitosis and meiosis but still cannot figure out how to make dinner, manage money, treat a cold, set goals, maintain healthy relationships, and successfully navigate the myriad of responsibilities required of a young adult? While this class is not guaranteed to produce self-sufficient teens, it does strive to equip them with practical knowledge and skills that will assist them on their road to adulthood.

The primary text will be Life Skills for Teens, however, this very interactive class will incorporate many other resources, practical demonstrations, in-class presentations, and group activities to bring various skills to life!  Reading from the required text will  supplement what students are learning. Weekly homework will be practical, not burdensome, yet purposely designed to get the most out of the class. Parental cooperation will be required (such as allowing your teen to cook dinner). Topics will vary between fall and spring semesters, with fall semester including food and kitchen, personal health, goal setting, time management, money and budgeting, social skills, sewing a button, tying a tie, and more. Adulting isn’t easy, so why not give your student the advantage of a jumpstart in a safe, fun environment before he or she leaves the nest?

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