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9-10 Physical Science (Tu)



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Exploring Creation with Physical Science
Dr. Jay Wile, 2nd Edition; ISBN 978-1-932012-77-4

Class Description

Physical Science is the study of the world around us and how it works. There are 16 textbook modules (chapters) covering topics such as atoms & molecules, the air & atmosphere, water, the hydrosphere, the earth and lithosphere, meteorology, forces, waves & sound, the physics of motion, the Periodic Table of Elements, and an introduction to astrophysics.

Instruction includes discussion of each module’s key concepts, plus vocabulary review. There are hands-on experiments completed regularly in class.

Homework is comprised of reading assignments and answering questions in the module study guide. Students will take home module tests and return them for grading. Most modules span two weeks, unless otherwise noted on the syllabus.

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