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9-10 Physical Science (Tu)



Total Fee


Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Binder with folder and notebook or loose leaf pages
The Mystery of The Periodic Table by Benjamin Wiker
Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics by Charles S. Ludwig Jr.
Exploring the World of Chemistry by John Tiner
Exploring the World of Physics by John Tiner

Class Description

This Physical Science course is a combination of traditional science with a heavy emphasis on the Classical and Charlotte Mason Approach to the learning structure. This course will focus on scientific concepts in the context of historical aspects, works of scientists, and an introduction and functional understanding of the how, what and why behind our universe.  Quizzes, Discussion, Tests, Reading, Lab/experiments.

Topics include:

Geology: Old Earth vs Young Earth

The Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

Forces and Motion

A History of the Periodic Table and Intro to Chemistry

Chemistry & Energy

Classical Physics & Mechanics

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