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7-12 Jazz Band



Total Fee


(130 + 10 materials)

Class Prerequisites

See Class Description

Text / Materials Required

See Class Description

Class Description

CLASS PREREQUISITES: Jazz band is for students in ONE of these two categories:

  1. Students who      play a wind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone)      AND have completed at least one year of Beginning or Intermediate Band at      EMMA, or who have learned the basics of playing their band instrument      through another source such as another band program or through studying      with a private instructor for at least one year. Skills needed include:      assembling their instrument, producing a good tone, reading and playing      basic rhythms (whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and rests) and playing a one octave range on their      instrument in the keys of Concert Bb and Concert Eb. Students must also be      comfortable playing in the 2/4, ¾, and 4/4 time signatures. Playing by ear      is a skill that we will work on and develop during this class, but Jazz      Band students must be able to read music at an intermediate level.

  2. Students who      play a rhythm section instrument (piano, bass, guitar, or drumset) who are      CURRENTLY STUDYING with a private instructor, who can give Mrs. Campbell      an evaluation of their playing skills. Rhythm section students need to      have access to another teacher willing to help them with jazz band music,      as these instruments are not in Mrs. Campbell’s area of technique      expertise. Only one student per instrument in the rhythm section will be      selected to play in Jazz Band, as these instruments cannot easily be      doubled in a true ensemble experience.

Prospective Jazz Band students who are new to the EMMA Band program need to meet with Mrs. Campbell for a skills assessment to determine proper class placement. Please email lifelongmusiclovers@gmail.comto set up a time for assessment.

TOTAL FEE: $140 ($130 + $10 materials fee) - includes at least four private or semi-private lessons during the semester.


- Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble - Book 1

- A portable music stand

- An instrument in good working order.

- Jazz Band wind section students must play one of the following:

- Flute

- Clarinet

- Alto, Tenor or Baritone Saxophone

- Trumpet

- Trombone

- Jazz Band rhythm section students must play one of the following, and have been approved as the singular rhythm section player for the class:

- Drumset

- Piano

- Guitar

- Bass


Jazz Band students will continue the study of their individual instrument within the context of a small jazz combo. Focus will be on proper embouchure, good tone quality, reading music and playing notes and rhythms in the clef and key of their chosen instrument. Using the Essential Elements Jazz book, the class will explore a variety of styles including swing, rock and Latin. Students will also explore the art of improvisation. Jazz literature studied will depend on the overall skill level of the class.

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