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5-8 Latin 3



Total Fee


(70 + 5 materials)

Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

First Form Latin, Student Text, Second Edition, ISBN 9781547703319

First Form Latin, Student Workbook, Second Edition, ISBN 9781547701674

Class Description

First Form Latin is designed for grades 4th - 9th depending on the situation it is being used. This course is a great follow up for students who have completed Prima Latina and/or Latina Christiana. It can also be used as an introductory Latin course for older students. The course can be taken by students that have never taken Latin (but we will hit the ground running with grammar). It can also be taken by students that have completed Prima Latina and/or Latina Christiana.

In these courses students memorize basic Latin grammar and vocabulary words to lay a foundation for the Latin language. We will learn multiple tenses of the first two verb conjugations, five non declensions and first and second declension adjectives.

We will also use the Latin language to review and solidify our knowledge of English grammar. We will learn English derivatives from the Latin vocabulary words. Our study will boost your child’s English vocabulary and should help their standardized test performance in the vocabulary and grammar sections.

We will also talk about Ancient Roman culture, Ancient Roman history and the geography of Ancient Rome. We will discuss well known figures from Roman history as well as classical architecture from the region.

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