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4-8 Robotic Coding


Saffer, D

Total Fee


(100 + 20 materials)

Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Class Description

The class will start with coding fundamentals. Students will learn the fundamentals of coding including sequences, loops, variables, conditionals and functions. The primary language will be Scratch with for repetition. Scratch will be studied from a beginner point of view. Problems will be presented to create coding solutions.

After the fundamentals, different robot platforms will be coded using Scratch based block coding specific to each platform.

LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots will be coded using the LEGO EV3 Education app, to run missions based on position, colors, distance, and contact.

VEX IQ robots will be coded using VEXcode IQ, to put the basic VEX IQ robot through a variety of exercises using its motors and sensors.

Arduino based robots will be coded using mBlock to manipulate motors, servos, LED lights and displays based on a variety of input switches and sensing devices.

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