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3-8 LEGO Star Wars


Saffer, D

Total Fee


(100 + 40 materials)

Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Class Description

Kids will "Use the Force" to build an awesome series of Star Wars classics that include a variety of sets from the hit movie series. A partial list:

Millennium Falcon (1351 piece)

Imperial TIE Fighter (432 piece)

Yoda Jedi Starfighter (262 piece)

Imperial Star Destroyer (1350 piece)

First Order Heavy Assault Walker (1376 piece)

AT-AT Walker  (1267 piece)

Imperial Shuttle (660 piece)

Carbon Freezing Chamber (231 piece)

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter (474 piece)

Han Solo’s Landspeeder (345 piece)

AT-ST Raider (540 piece)

Stormtrooper Helmet (647 piece)

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