HS Physics (Tues)



Class Fee


(120 + 10 lab fee)

Class Prerequisites

Successful completion of Algebra 1 required. Algebra 2 either completed (recommended) or corequisite. Trig is not required—only good algebra skills. (I will teach SOHCAHTOA when needed)

Text / Materials Required

Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd edition (Apologia) textbook (Parent may wish to have the solutions/test manual, but not required. Mentor will provide tests.)

Class Description

Class will be structured as 90 minutes of lecture/lab plus 30 minutes of problem-solving activities and question/answer. This non-calculus-based physics course will explore motion, Newton's laws, gravity, work and energy, waves, optics, electrodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and more. Class time will include discussion of new topics for the week, plus labs as needed.

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