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While you may not immediately see the connection between these two topics (Logic and Christian Thinking), it is an important one. We are bombarded daily with information and opinions and “facts.” It is hard to discern the truth sometimes. That’s why it is crucial to be able to recognize logical fallacies as they show up in advertisements, political campaigns, Internet memes and social media posts. As Christians, we must be competent in filtering these messages through scripture as well. In this class, we will first explore logical fallacies such as red herrings and straw man arguments. Then, we will examine various academic fields such as psychology, biology, and history to find the flaws and false assumptions. While we will not endorse any particular political party or candidate, we will analyze the logic of statements made in political speeches and advertisements. The goal of this class is to teach students to draw conclusions about the truth of statements, distinguish valid vs invalid arguments and to detect and deflect commo

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