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HS Algebra 2 (Tues/Fri)


Saffer, H

Class Fee


Class Prerequisites

New students must score an 80 or above on the same midterm given to current students.

Text / Materials Required

Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd ed., ISBN 0-939798-62-X + $5 workbook supplied by the mentor

Class Description

This class covers traditional second-year algebra plus geometric concepts and introduction to proof outlines. Completing this year-long course earns one semester of geometry credit (the second semester of geometry credit is earned after successful completion of Saxon Advanced Math). This course includes applications to physics, chemistry, probability, and statistics. A scientific calculator is required beginning in November; until then no calculator usage is allowed. (A graphing calculator may be used, but the text does not provide information on the key sequencing.) No teaching or grading of assignments is required by the parent. The fee includes mentor office hours on Tuesdays.