HS Advanced Math



Class Fee



Class Prerequisites

Completion of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

Text / Materials Required

Math U See Pre-Calculus Student Pack, this includes workbook and test book. Scientific Calculator (w/trig functions) Notebook and folder.

Class Description

This class covers high school Pre-Calculus.  Major concepts and skills covered in this course are as follows:


Understanding and working with trigonometric ratios, their reciprocals, and their inverses

Working with trigonometric expressions and identities

Understanding and working with polar coordinates and radian measure

Graphing and analyzing trigonometric functions

Understanding functions, limits, domain, and range

Working with Arithmetic and Geometric Series and Sequences

Additional Concepts and Skills:

Understanding and applying the Laws of Sines and Cosines

Understanding and applying the Sum, Difference, Double-Angle, and Half-Angle Identities

Proving trigonometric identities

Working with vectors and adding linear functions

Understanding and working with logarithms

Working with Euler's number and natural logarithms

The weekly class will consist of Lesson/concept presentation, review, homework, quizzes, and enrichment and/or reinforcement opportunities for mastery of lesson objective.  There will also be an opportunity for a one hour open tutor session on alternating weeks.  This session is optional and will be offered, as a group, on Tuesdays at EMMA. (time TBA)  Students will be assigned daily workbook activities.  Homework assignments will be graded.  Quizzes and testing will be done in class as well as take-home tests.  Parents will monitor progress.  Homework is paramount to successful completion of this course.  Students must show a strong level of competency in previous math courses, and especially in Algebra 2. 

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