HS Adulting 101: Life Skills



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Class Prerequisites

No prerequisite

Text / Materials Required

$15 from mentor (only for students adding in the Spring)

Class Description

Kids grow up quickly. While we are teaching math, science and writing, sometimes we miss the life lessons they need to know to be successful adults, or maybe they just need a group to help them practice these skills.  In the Fall semester, we covered communication, decision-making, resolving conflict, time management, and money management skills, among other topics.  In the Spring semester, we will continue with household maintenance, nutrition, planning for college or career, and finding a balance in life.  We are also planning a service learning event for Spring semester where they can put these skills in action.  Yes, these are lofty goals… and important skills for a teen to have before graduating from high school.

There will be challenges for students to use the skills covered in class during the week between classes, but few other outside assignments.

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