8-10 Algebra 1 (Tues/Fri) - Spring


Saffer, H

Class Fee



Class Prerequisites

New students must score an 80 or above on the same midterm given to current students.

Text / Materials Required

Saxon Algebra 1, 3rd ed., ISBN 1565771346 + $5 workbook supplied by the mentor

Class Description

This class covers traditional first-year algebra (with integrated geometry) preparing the student for Algebra 2. No calculators are permitted for work completed for this class. No teaching or grading of assignments is required by the parent.


Class time will be spent on the presentation of new material (approximately four to six lessons per week) and answering homework questions as time permits.  Homework will be collected, graded by the instructor, and returned the following class period.  This course is taught at an honors level.  Please be sure your student is ready for the rigors of an honors course (e.g. heavy on theory, the use of outside resources and assignments provided by the instructor, weekly testing, a brisk pace, and a seven-point grading scale).  Parents are not required to know the subject matter, but must facilitate the learning of the subject during the week such as checking that assignments are completed, securing tutoring help if needed so that the student does not fall behind, checking graded work when returned to the student each week, signing progress reports (three per semester), etc.


This class follows the high school schedule.

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