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7-8 Algebra 1/2 (Tues/Fri)


Saffer, H

Class Fee


Class Prerequisites

New students must score an 80 or above on the same midterm given to current students.

Text / Materials Required

Saxon Algebra ½, 3rd ed., ISBN 1565771494 + $5 workbook supplied by the mentor

Class Description

This class covers traditional pre-algebra material (with integrated geometry) preparing the student for Algebra 1. The student should be competent in division of fractions and decimals, GCF, LCM, percentages, and reducing and simplifying fractions. No calculators are allowed in this class. No teaching or grading of assignments is required by the parent. The fee includes mentor office hours on Tuesdays. Although this course cannot be used for a high school transcript credit, it is taught at an honors level for preparation of the rigors of upper math. This class follows the high school schedule.