7-10 Civics & Government - Spring



Class Fee


Class Prerequisites

No prerequisite, but builds on Fall semester

Text / Materials Required

manual from mentor, $15 (only for students adding in the Spring)

Class Description

This course is a hands-on, interactive, but comprehensive study of government at the local, state, national and international levels, as well as the civic rights and duties of citizens.  We will examine the US Constitution and the impact that this crucial document still has on us today.  In the Fall semester, we covered the history leading up to the US Constitution, the foundations of US government and the Executive branch.  In the Spring semester, we will study the Legislative and Judicial branches, the the “fourth branch” (administrative agencies), the Bill of Rights, law in our everyday lives, and the role of government in the economy. 


Integrated into Spring semester will be two special events:


1.) A mock legislative session, where participants will draft a bill and follow its progress through the legislature.

2.) A mock trial, where participants will carry a case based on a Constitutional question through the workings of the court. 

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