6-8 Civics & Government - Fall



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Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

The Land of Fair Play, Christian Liberty Press, 3rd edition + $5 for handouts/supplies for 3 mock events

Class Description

This course is a hands-on, interactive, but comprehensive study of government at the local, state, and national levels, as well as the civic rights and duties of citizens.  We will examine the historical events that led to the writing of the Constitution and the impact that this crucial document still has on us today.  We will take an in-depth look at the three branches of government described in Articles I, II, and III and the system of checks and balances that allow this type of government to function properly.  The students in this class will understand the importance of being a well-informed citizen and will gain an appreciation for the rights that Americans enjoy due to the Bill of Rights.  There will be a brief study of forms of government in other countries.

Integrated into this class will be three special events:

1.) A mock legislative session, where participants will draft a bill and follow its progress through the legislature.

2.) A mock election, where participants will create a campaign to elect an official and go through the voting process.

3.) A mock trial, where participants will carry a case through the workings of the court. 


This class will follow the elementary/middle school schedule.

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