6-12 Computer Science


Saffer, D

Class Fee


(120 + 40 equipment fee)

Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

None—all materials and equipment provided (including an online fee)

Class Description

This class covers basic hardware and software. Hardware components are defined and their functions are explained. Software is explained at its most basic level to show how a computer calculates, communicates, and makes decisions in relation to the hardware. The Windows operating system and other Windows-based applications are covered. Other topics covered include networking, PC defense (from the perils of the internet), audio/video applications, internet, E-mail, Windows configuration, and Windows troubleshooting, etc. Major office applications will be covered in this class including word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, databases, and presentations. There will be a project required of each student involving the use of each of the applications in Microsoft Office. The completed Office project will be due at the end of the second semester. This class follows the high school schedule.

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