5 States & Regions



Class Fee


Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

* 3-ring binder (2 inches or larger) - should already contain 6 dividers, labeled with each of the following: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Great Lakes, Quizzes, and Miscellaneous.
* Add the following dividers to the notebook: Central Plains, Southwest, Mountain, Pacific
* Sharpened pencils and colored pencils

Class Description

Welcome back to 5th Grade States and Regions! I’m looking forward to studying our wonderful USA with your student. Students will be expected to memorize all states, capitals, abbreviations, and state locations of the regions studied this spring. We will learn interesting facts about each state and play games that aid in acquisition of these objectives. 

I will give out homework assignments on a weekly basis, including a simple quiz that is to be completed at home and graded by the parent. Students will bring all assignments and graded quizzes to class.

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