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5 Advanced Spanish



Class Fee


Class Prerequisites

4th Intermediate Spanish, equivalent, or permission from the mentor. **Please contact the mentor with placement questions. Students of different grade levels are permitted.

Text / Materials Required

Learn a Language Spanish Elementary Level 2, ISBN 0-7647-0142-8 plus a Spanish/English dictionary

Class Description

The first class will focus on reviewing what was learned in the last semester or what new students already know. The class will continue to practice old and learn new words, greetings, phrases, short and longer dialogs, and play fun games to enable better learning. Drawing and coloring pictures will also enhance memorization. The workbook will be used in class and for homework along with handouts. An English/Spanish book about Jesus’ life will be read by each student for reading practice. The students must practice using the index cards on which they have written words and phrases at home every day along with their homeschool work. Puppets and balls will also be used to further aid in fun ways to learn Spanish. As always, correct pronunciation is the main focus. Increased Spanish dialog during the class and at home will also be expected.