4-6 Latin



Class Fee


(70 + 5 materials)

Class Prerequisites

Text / Materials Required

Memoria Press Prima Latina Student Workbook

Class Description

This class covers Beginning Latin.  Ancient Roman times will also play into our study of Latin, the language and the land.

As we begin the study of Latin, we will review basic English grammar which is key to mastery of the Latin language.  We will build upon this and lay a strong foundation for a gentle but thorough introduction to Latin.  The curriculum is simplified, and student-friendly.  It will give students the necessary structure for mastery of the basic skills for further language studies.   The curriculum coupled with Roman studies, will further enhance the student’s learning of basic Latin.

The course will consist of :

  • Latin language lessons, each including grammar lessons appropriate for beginning Latin, and

  • vocabulary words with corresponding English derivatives per lesson

  • A practical Latin phrase per lesson

  • Latin prayers for memorization and recitation

  • Latin Copywork exercises

  • Map studies of ancient Rome

  • Brief studies of notable Ancient Roman figures

  • Art and other contributions from the Latin world

  • Songs in Latin

  • Pronounce, Spell and Translate Latin words, phrases, and sentences


The weekly class will consist of Lesson/concept presentation, review, homework review, quizzes, and enrichment and/or reinforcement opportunities for mastery of lesson objective. 

No students below 4th grade.

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