10-12 Geometry - Fall



Class Fee


Class Prerequisites

Successful completion of Algebra 1 and 9th grade

Text / Materials Required

Math U See Geometry Student Pack, this includes workbook and test book. Scientific Calculator (w/trig functions) Notebook and folder.

Class Description

This class covers traditional high school Geometry.  Major concepts and skills covered in this course are as follows:

  • Describing points, lines, rays, line segments, angles, and planes

  • Calculating the measure of the interior and exterior angles of a regular polygon

  • Understanding the geometry of a circle, sphere, and ellipse

  • Understanding and computing volume and surface area of solids

  • Using the Pythagorean theorem to identify triangle attributes

  • Applying postulates, theorems, definitions, and properties to geometric proofs

Additional Concepts and Skills:

  • Using a protractor to construct angles

  • Using a compass to construct bisectors

  • Constructing and identifying triangles

  • Working with algebraic expressions containing radicals

  • Completing geometric transformations within a Cartesian plane

  • Understanding basic trigonometric functions

The weekly class will consist of Lesson/concept presentation, review, homework, quizzes, and enrichment and/or reinforcement opportunities for mastery of lesson objective.  There will also be an opportunity for a one hour open tutor session on alternating weeks.  This session is optional and will be offered, as a group, on Tuesdays at EMMA. (time TBA)  Students will be assigned daily workbook activities.  Homework assignments will be graded.  Quizzes and testing will be done in class as well as take-home tests.  Parents will monitor progress.  Homework is paramount to successful completion of this course.  Students must show a strong level of competency in previous math courses, and especially in Algebra 1.  Due to the subject it’s conceptual scope, student’s must have completed 9th grade.  I have found that students are better prepared, cognitively, in the upper high school grades.

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