Information on this page will be continuously updated throughout the semester.  Check this page regularly for announcements and reminders. 

Need more information about our classes?
     Email us at or call 336-358-6102.

          Fall 2016 registration documents are now available.

Open registration

Registration for EMMA classes continues throughout the summer. The complete, detailed registration packet with information about our program and fall schedule of classes will be emailed to you upon request. Enrollment is based on class availability. New families must attend an orientation session at some point before beginning classes in the fall, but you may register by mail at any time before or after attending. Check the "Dates to remember" box periodically for added orientation sessions throughout the summer.

Class additions:

Classes may be added no later than the third time the class meets for the semester. The student must be enrolled one day prior to attending the class and be present no later than the third day of the class.

Dates to remember:

7/19    --Orientation session, 10 am

8/1      --SuperSaaS opens

8/8      --Class Syllabi available

8/9      --Orientation session, 10 am

8/21    --SuperSaaS closes

8/23    --Open House, 10:30-noon

8/23    --Orientation session, 12:30 pm (after Open House)

8/23    --Balances due

8/26    --First Friday--High School schedule

8/26    --Orientation session, 11:30 am

8/30    --Orientation session, 11:00 am

8/30    --First Tuesday--High School schedule

8/30    --High School schedule drop deadline

9/9      --First Day--Elementary/Middle School schedule

9/13    --Elementary/Middle School schedule drop deadline


Email communication:

If you are a registered family and are not receiving at least one email from EMMA every three or four days, please contact us. 

Free Items for Sharing

If you wish to donate items to the EMMA families, please mark your boxes "FREE" and place them near the downstairs table.  We do not have storage space for these items, so please bring them in the morning and remember to pick them up in the afternoon.  Thanks for sharing your treasures with our families.

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